By Kelly A | Contributing Writer


Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
‘Bogie and Bacall’ had a love story for the ages! The handsome Humphrey Bogart and beautiful Lauren Bacall met on the set of To Have And Have Not. Forty-four year old Bogart, married to actress Mayo Mathot, was instantly smitten with the beautiful nineteen year old Bacall. Almost instantly, the pair began a secret affair for almost a year until he finally divorced Mathot. ‘Bogie and Baby’ married on May 21, 1945. They would go on to star in three more pictures together and have two children. Bogie and Bacall remained madly in love until his untimely death of esophageal cancer in 1957. Their love remains immortalized in some of the Golden Era’s greatest pictures.

Bogart and Bacall (The Big Sleep)-002

Bogart and Bacall-018

Bogart and Bacall (Dark Passage)-001

Bogart And Bacall

Bogart and Bacall-009


Debbie Reynolds & Eddie Fisher
Hollywood’s favorite girl-next-door, Debbie Reynolds, was a major star when she married club crooner Eddie Fisher in 1955. Fisher, also extremely famous in his own national TV show, made their union one of the biggest Hollywood weddings of the Golden Age. Reynolds and Fisher had two children (including daughter Carrie Fisher of later Star Wars fame) until Elizabeth Taylor slinked into their lives. Taylor had been married to Eddie Fisher’s friend, Mike Todd, who perished in a plane crash. After Todd’s death, Taylor found more than solace in the arms of Reynold’s husband. Reynolds and Fisher were divorced in 1959, and he married Taylor later that year.

Reynolds and Fisher-001

Reynolds and Fisher-003


Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage to Eddie Fisher, however, was going to end the way it began, with a torrid affair. Fisher and the violet-eyed vixen were married for just one year before Taylor began work on Cleopatra, marking the beginning of the end. Taylor starring opposite stage actor Richard Burton in Cleopatra, became the highest-paid actress up to that time. Taylor, a true temptress, could not resist the masculine, Welsh-born Burton, and together, began the most tempestuous love story of all time. The affair climaxed in a huge scandal, with so many photographers trailing the lovers that they made world-wide news. Taylor left Fisher by 1964 to marry Burton. Burton and Taylor were married from 1964 to 1974, and then a second, brief period from 1975 to 1976. Though their turbulent marriages were filled with fiery passion and endless martinis, they are still heralded as one of the greatest love stories of our time.

Burton and Taylor-004

Burton and Taylor-001

Burton and Taylor-006


Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra
With her bedroom eyes and killer curves, few men impressed the temptress Ava Gardner. Neither Mickey Rooney nor Artie Shaw could fulfill the needs of this femme fatale, but against Ol’ Blue Eyes, Gardner did not stand a chance. The alpha male Frank Sinatra was a perfect match for the fiery Gardner. Their stormy marriage, rife with exploding tempers, lasted only six years. Gardner never married again, citing Sinatra as the one great love of her life. They remained close friends until her death in 1990.

Gardner and Sinatra-008

Frank And Ava

Gardner and Sinatra-009

Frank Sinatra

Gardner and Sinatra-006


Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn
The only couple on our list to never marry, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn’s lifelong affair makes our list of Temptress Magazine’s Top Ten Classic Hollywood Couples! Spencer Tracy was married to Louise Spencer for over forty years, but the real romance was his relationship with Hollywood movie star Katharine Hepburn, which took place for almost thirty of those same years. Tracy and Hepburn met on the set of Woman of the Year, and the rest is history. Though they were estranged for many years due to his devout Catholicism, Tracy never officially left his wife for Hepburn. Their affair is the stuff of Hollywood legend, and they would go on to star in nine motion pictures together over their lengthy careers.

Tracy and Hepburn (Woman of the Year)-002

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn

Tracy and Hepburn-003

Tracy and Hepburn-008


Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio
She was the blonde bombshell of every man’s fantasy. He was the New York Yankee with the 56-game hitting streak. The 1954 marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio was a match made in pop-culture heaven. Both on their second marriage, Monroe and DiMaggio’s relationship was idyllic.  However, the strain of being married to the most-photographed woman in the world started to wear on DiMaggio. The baseball player had a temper that flared up in a now-famous incident regarding his jealousy over Monroe’s sexy Seven Year Itch skirt scene. Despite divorcing less than a year after their wedding, DiMaggio and Monroe remained friends until the end. In his final act of devotion, DiMaggio had flowers delivered to Monroe’s tomb three times a week for over twenty years.

Monroe and Dimaggio

Monroe and DiMaggio-004

Monroe and DiMaggio-012

Monroe and DiMaggio-008

Monroe and DiMaggio-005


Carole Lombard & Clark Gable
The handsome Clark Gable and beautiful blonde comedienne Carol Lombard are arguably the most stunning couple in Hollywood history. The star-crossed pair bonded at a Hollywood party and became instantly inseparable. Gable and Lombard were only married for three brief years when Lombard died tragically in a plane crash. Heartbroken, Gable was inconsolable. Though he married two more times, Gable was eventually laid to rest beside Lombard returning to his true love’s side.

Lombard and Gable-008

Lombard and Gable-010

Lombard and Gable-011

Lombard and Gable-003


Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were the original Hollywood power couple, making Temptress Magazine’s Top Ten list. Pickford was a pioneer of silent films and is regarded as America’s first sweetheart. It didn’t take long for fellow actor and business partner, Douglas Fairbanks, to fall wildly in love with ‘The Girl with the Curls.’ Fairbanks and Pickford married March 28, 1920, just 26 days after she divorced her first husband. Fairbanks and Pickford, nicknamed ‘Pickfair,’ were international celebrities. Unfortunately, even the beautiful Pickford could not keep Fairbanks’ eye from wandering, and they divorced in 1936. They are forever remembered as Hollywood’s first celebrity couple.

Pickford and Fairbanks-003

Pickford and Fairbanks-001

Pickford and Fairbanks-005


Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
The marriage between America’s favorite redhead and her hot-headed Cuban husband made history in more ways than one. Not only was the hit television show I Love Lucy a direct representation of the marriage between Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, the couple was a veritable powerhouse in the television industry, changing the face of sitcoms forever. Arnaz and Ball met in 1940 on the set of Too Many Girls, and the fierce connection between them was immediate. The couple eloped later that year. Arnaz and Ball started the Desilu Production Company, making Ball the first woman in television to be the co-founder of a production company. They both starred in the show I Love Lucy, which was the first sitcom to film before a live studio audience, as well as the first to use multiple cameras. Despite their television success, Ball and Arnaz divorced in 1960. Audiences around the world still watch I Love Lucy in syndication, a testament to their palpable chemistry.

Ball and Arnaz-005

Ball and Arnaz-002

Ball and Arnaz-004

Ball and Arnaz-003


Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Few couples have the good fortune to live out the end of their days with their soul mate, making Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward the perfect end to Temptress Magazine’s Top Ten Classic Hollywood Couples countdown. Hollywood’s eternal golden boy and the enchanting Woodward married in 1958, after starring together in The Long, Hot Summer. A true Hollywood rarity, they remained married for fifty years, until Newman’s death in 2008. Theirs was a Hollywood marriage made in heaven.

Newman and Woodward-004

Newman and Woodward-006

Newman and Woodward-003

Newman and Woodward-010

Newman and Woodward-009