Interview by Chip Maloney | Executive Editor
Photos by Brooke Eva – Photography Assistant: Jeff Waters

Rivi Madison was one of our earliest and most popular cover girls. When we first laid eyes on her, we knew she had that special something that elevated her to an entirely different level. Smart, beautiful, creative, passionate and strong, Rivi is a true Temptress, and we felt that it was in our best interest to keep in touch with her and follow the stellar path she’s on. We know many great things lay ahead for Rivi, and she recently surprised us with a new set of photos and a few thoughts…

Rivi, tell us about the photos you’ve graciously allowed us to use. Who the photographer is, what the concept is, what was going on that day, etc.?
Brooke Eva is the incredible mademoiselle who took these photos. She is actually a freelance model who is beginning to take up photography. I saw her self-portraits on her blog and felt something very special in what she captured. I asked if she’d like to work together and she thankfully said yes. I am extremely taken by her work and am so elated to be a part of it. The themes and styles of both sets actually came together that very day. I felt comfortable around her and the aura she created. We plan on working together again by the end of Summer.

It’s as hot as everything you do. Do you get as excited while you are shooting these beautiful and erotic pictures as the people looking at them will?
When modeling, I escape. I become excited when I see the final results, and also prior to the shoot. In my mind while driving to a shoot, I am smiling and wondering what will happen. It is always exciting and unpredictable. I thrive on that.

You appeared on our second issue’s cover and in a photo layout inside. Did good things happen as a result?
Yes, very much so. I had a few people message me personally on how they saw my spread by Gail Kilker in Temptress Magazine. Also asking me if I would come out in another issue. So I am very honored and thankful to Temptress. Your entire team is so wonderful. madison-01 madison-07 madison-06 madison-03
Rivi, what’s going on in your life these days? What are some things you have planned for the rest of 2014?
I went to Europe about a month ago and I can’t stop recounting my time there. I wish I could go back this very minute. It was a dream come true. Secret’s out: I want to get into music, so we shall see what is in store.

Speaking of your love of music, when you last appeared in Temptress, you mentioned that music is very important to you, and you listed a lot of stuff you are into. What was your favorite thing to come out this year, so far?
There is such a vast amount of new music out now, it is insane. I wish I could have it all, but if I had to pick a couple favorites, I am becoming more and more of a dedicated listener to FKA twigs, Brooke Candy, Fidlar, and “Aviation High” by SemiPrecious Weapons is on endless repeat at the moment, but there is so much music out there. I also listen to a lot of international music. Russian music being one of my favorites.

Being a beautiful girl certainly has its privileges, obviously, but you must also get a lot of annoying and unwanted attention.
1. How do you deal with that? Has any of it ever worked?
2. Also, what’s the stupidest, lamest thing anyone has ever said to you while trying to flirt?
You know. I actually do not receive hate mail and very few strange messages. I have only gotten one or two ridiculous messages. I have heard absolute atrocities with fellow models and the type of messages they receive from various people (from social media and actual co-workers). And of course, when you hear any news like that it, is a horrible thing to hear. People can lash out at any moment, but attention is attention, whether it be positive or negative, and you have to learn how to roll with the punches. Also, I truly thank you for the kind words and for believing in me *laughs* but I do not get hit on often. If I ever get hit on, it is usually from unknown persons online that tell me they have dreamed about me romantically, and then I just sit there silently not knowing whether to laugh or eat a large tub of ice-cream. The most odd online flirtation was a man who sent me a photo of his rear end. There was no, “Hello. This is my butt.” There was nothing. Just a faceless Caucasian booty. Very interesting life I lead, I must say.

Once again, Rivi, we thank you for your time and generosity. Keep up the great work! You are a Temptress in every sense of the word.
Thank you to every single person who has given me the time of day! madison-04

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