Layla Levon was born in West Hollywood, California during a time when mohawked punks lined Melrose and glittery trannies drunkenly sashayed down Hollywood Boulevard in Size-12 stilettos. It was the time that legitimately talented and soon to be famous rockers could be seen playing nightly at any number of the legendary music venues on Sunset before the insidious pay-to-play policy of the late 90s was enacted. It was a great time to be in Los Angeles, and a great time to be, according to Layla.

Even after moving to the more sanitized ’burbs in her teenage years, Layla says, “The cultural and artistic enrichment I experienced growing up in gritty West Hollywood inspired me then and really, throughout my entire life. I was very aware of fashion, who the leading creative people were in art, style and music back then, and it was no surprise to those who knew me when I attended my suburban high school prom in a vinyl, Lip Service gown with my goth entourage.”

Fast forward a few years, and Layla now lives in beautiful San Diego and has a busy career in marketing and writing. “I have a pin-up blog in which I document inspiring people, other models, photographers, interesting businesses, fashion designers, classic car events, music, products and whatever strikes my fancy! I believe you can’t give enough support to your community, or its most inspirational people.”

Check out lovely Layla’s super sexy spread in Temptress Magazine Issue #5!

photos by Vestige Photography
wardrobe by Girdlebound

Layla Levon